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Are you adding more and more chlorine to your pool, but it still doesn’t last? Are you having problems with algae? Has your pool company recommended that you drain and restart your pool? There are a couple reasons that a pool may need to be drained and fresh water added.

TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS): Total dissolved solids is the measure of the total amount of dissolved material in the water. It is made up of mineral and chemical residue, dust, dirt, human waste, sunscreens, tanning lotions, etc. When water builds up an excessive amount of total dissolved solids, it no longer allows the chlorine to work effectively. This increases the likelihood of algae. This usually happens when total dissolved solids reach approximately 2000ppm. On average this occurs every 3-5 years.

NITRATES: Nitrates are a product of nitrogen gas. Fertilizer is the most common source of nitrates in swimming pools. Gardeners sometimes allow yard fertilizer to drop or drift into the pool. In our area, microscopic fertilizer from our local dairies float into pools. Birds flying over or sitting in overhanging trees, and dogs swimming in the pool are also common causes of nitrates. Other causes are water run-off, acid rain, human waste, sweat, and body oils. Those with water wells and septic tanks are particularly prone to nitrate contamination.

Draining and restarting the pool is the only solution for reducing a high TDS level or nitrate contamination. Draining will save money on chemical costs and reduce the likelihood of algae blooms. Call All American Pool Company and we will come out for a FREE assessment and estimate. Or bring a water sample down to our retail store and we will run a FREE computerized water test to check for nitrate contamination or a high TDS level.


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